Laos – Visa and Visa Extension


Please note:
With reference to the Lao government measures to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which continue to spread across the globe. As result, the Lao government has extended the period of suspending the Lao tourist visa from 20th april 2020 until further notice from the Lao government.
All of the following information is subject to changes based on any new regulations following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Visa for Laos

If you are planning a trip to Lao People's Democratic Republic, you will probably need a visa.

As per the Laos visa policy, only citizens from a select few countries are allowed to visit Laos without a visa. The rest are easily able to get a visa either on arrival in Laos or online. Almost everyone who is not visa-exempt can apply for a Laotian visa on arrival at most entry ports.

Citizens of the following countries are exempt from visa requirements:

Brunei (for 14 days)
Cambodia (for 30 days)
Indonesia (for 30 days)
Japan (for 15 days)
Luxembourg (for 15 days)
Malaysia (for 30 days)
Mongolia (for 30 days)
Myanmar (for 14 days)
Philippines (for 30 days)
Russia (for 30 days)
Singapore (for 30 days)
South Korea (for 30 days)
Switzerland (for 15 days)
Thailand (for 30 days)
Vietnam (for 30 days)

However, citizens of the countries listed above who want to stay longer than 14-15 days will have to apply for a Laos visa online or on arrival

Citizens of the following countries are unable to get the visa on arrival and have to apply for a visa at an Embassy instead:

Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
South Sudan

Before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, a tourist visa was granted for 30 days only and included one entry into the country. Validity: three months from the date of issue. For years, it was possible to apply a visa on arrival at any of the border crossings check point. As of January 1st 2020, Laotian authorities changed the laws of tourist visa on arrival at some of the land border crossings.

There are 3 ways to apply for a Laotian visa:

On arrival (notice: at some of entry ports, please check the list below).
Online: Through the official eVisa issuance website of the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
At an Embassy or Consulate of Laos: for those who plan to use the land border crossings to Laos which are not issuing visa on arrival and for those who are not eligible to apply online or on arrival.

Those who are arriving on a flight to one of Laos' three international airports,  a visa can issue on arrival:

Wattay Vientiane International Airport.
Pakse Champasak International Airport.
Luang Prabang International Airport.

Those who arriving at one of the land border crossings in the list below will still be granted a visa on arrival:

Trapaingkriel – Veun Kham, Stung Treng Province to Champasack Province (Cambodia).
Mohan – Boten, Yunnan to Luang Namtha Province (China).
Chiangkhong – Houixay, Chiang Rai to Bokeo Province (Thailand).
Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge I, Nong Khai-Vientiane Capital (Thailand).
Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge II, Moukdahan-Savannakhet Province (Thailand).
Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge III, Nakorn Phanom-Thakhek/Khammouane Province (Thailand).
Chongmek – Vangtao, Ubol Ratchathani to Champasack Province (Thailand).
Thanaleng Railway Station (Thailand).
Lao Bao – Dansavanh, Quang tri to Savannakhet Province (Vietnam).

The rest of the land border crossings to Laos required a visa at one of the Laos embassies in the world, before reaching the border crossing.

Visa applying at the Laos Embassy in Hanoi / Vietnam: (Information as of January 2020).

The  Embassy of Lao PDR located on Google Maps Address: 40 Quang Trung, Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

An original passport with at least 6 months validity and has at least two blank visa pages.
Two recent passport-size pictures 3cm X 4cm.
The Laos applying Visa Form, which you can get at the Lao embassy.
Visa fee: cash  only (in US dollars). The Laos visa fee is USD 30 to USD 45, depending on your nationality.


As of July 9th, 2019, the Lao eVisa service was launched on the website:
This is the official website for applying for a visa online, before arriving in the country through one of the following five ports:

Wattay International Airport (Vientiane Capital).
Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I (Vientiane Capital).
Luang Prabang International Airport (Luang Prabang Province).
Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II (Savannakhet Province).
Pakse International Airport (Champasack Province).

Visa Extension

Previously, a visa was granted for a 30-day stay in Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is possible to extend twice, for a minimum of three days and a maximum of 30 days.
Visa extension has to be done before the current visa expires. If not extended in time, the fine will be 10 US dollars for each day of delay.
These days, following the closure of the borders until further notice, the Immigration Department allows the renewal of a tourist visa fees until reopening of the borders of the country.

Immigration Office Luang Pravang

The following information is updated to 2020 and as the requirements of the immigration office in Luang Pravang.

The new address of the immigration office: Google Maps: Immigration Office and Visa​Extension (new building).

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
08:00AM – 11:30AM
02:00PM – 04:00PM                          
It is recommended to make sure before arrival that the office is indeed open (on holidays, International Women's Day, etc. the office is closed to the public).

Visa Extension:

You must go to the immigration office before the current visa expires (non-extension of the visa entails payment of a fine of 10 US dollars for each day of overstay).

An original passport with at least 6 months validity and has at least two blank visa pages.
Two recent passport-size pictures 3cm X 4cm (Scanning a passport photo at the immigration office costs 60,000 KIP).
The Laotian Visa Form, which you can get at the immigration office.
Visa Extension fee: cash only, 20,000 KIP per day (a minimum of three days and a maximum of 30 day).
Service fee: 25,000 KIP

Visa can also be extended in the following cities:

The Immigration Department in Vientiane.
The Police station in Pakse.
The Police Station opposite the Lao-Mongolian Hospital in Phonsavan.
Immigration Salavan Province (there visa extension costs: 480,000 KIP per 30 day), location here.

For more information about Laos, please visit the following sites;

UK foreign travel advice : the site is for UK citizens, however, it has useful and up to date information.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Laos
Laotian Times
The National Tourism Office

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